Hike It Baby

Hike It Baby

We have over 30 partners in the Miami Valley.

Our partners come from many disciplines and include public agencies, private businesses, schools, and more! Our common goal is to give children more opportunities outdoors. 

Complete Partner List 

Become a Partner 

We would love to have you join us as a partner! If you are interested in attending an Executive Committee meeting, please contact us! 


Partners are asked to do the following:

  • Share MVLNCI information with your contacts
  • Participate in our Summits, Education Sessions, and Networking Events as you are able
  • Keep your agency’s information up to date in our database annually.

Partners can become more involved by: 

  • Offer workshops and educational programming at our events
  • Assist with events
  • Become an Executive Committee Member
  • Chair Projects
  • Send your event info to MVLNCI for advertisement to our Partners

  Fill Out this Survey to Become A Partner! Agencies only. We are no longer accepting individuals.

Executive Committee

Doug Horvath, Five Rivers MetroParks

Cinda Hanbuch-Pinkerton, Miami County Park District

Robert Harrison: Montgomery County Public Health

Katy Lucas, Centerville-Washington Park District

Abbey Rymarczyk, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Elisabeth Elam, Hike It Baby

Mandy Martin, Darke County Parks

June Drieling, Brukner Nature Center

Kristen Lauer, Montgomery Soil and Water District

Meredith L. Florkey, Learning Tree Farm


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Events and Initiatives

Events and Initiatives



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