Working program for rally

PROGRAM FOR RALLY (First try at a draft)

9:30          Columbus public event begins.
Other rallies can begin as early as 9:00.  The start time for regional             rallies is up to the individual LNCI leaders. What programming you do before 10:00 is up to you as well.  In Columbus, I think we’re going to maybe have kids sing, show the LNCI DVD, talk about all the good things happening in Columbus, give an award to a doctor doing great things to reconnect children with nature, have our Mayor talk, etc.

*Be sure to pass out bookmarks, trifolds, hang    banners, wear t-shirts if we get them             done(?)

10:00        Press conference begins (all regional rallies tune in now)
a.    Introduction by Columbus LNCI leader(s)    (2 min.)
b.    Introduce Gov. Strickland             (30 sec.)
c.    Gov. talks                     (5 min.)
d.    Gov signs Proclamation            (1 min.)
e.    Columbus LNCI leaders quickly share what is
happening in different regions that morning,
ie: Mayor’s are signing too.  The first Mayor we’d
like to introduce is our Mayor Coleman.  He
signs Proclamation and then talks.        (2 min.)
f.    Cols leaders then introduce Betsy T.  Betsy
Talks + introduces her Mayor.            (2 min)
g.  He/She signs P. and talks            (2 min)
h.    Betsy introduces Linda + Bernadette + they
talk and introduce their Mayor            (2 min)
i.  He or she signs P. and talks            (2 min)
j.  Linda or Bernadette introduce Mary + Sandy
they talk for 2 min. + introduce their Mayor(s)    (2 min)
k.  One Mayor from this group signs + talks    (2 min)
l.  Mary or Sandy introduce Nick and Nick
talks and introduces Mayor                (2 min)
m.  NE Mayor signs and talks            (2 min)
n.  Nick introduces Denise + Denise talks
and introduces Mayor                (2 min)
o.  SE Mayor signs and talks            (2 min)
p.  Denise passes it back to Columbus

q.  Columbus thanks everyone for coming    (1 min)
r. Tune out other rallies and take questions from your local media

10:32        Press conference concludes