Technology Checklist

Sept. 24


To see us, You need:

  1. Screen or white wall
  2. Computer
  3. Projector with speakers or speakers for the computer
  4. Fast Internet connection, connected to Webex
  5. Seating

For us to see and hear you, You need:

  1. Webcam – OR –
  2. Video camera hooked to computer with Firewire cable (approx $30)
  3. Fast Internet connection
  4. Person to operate camera
  5. A great PARTY!!!

What would help:

  • Create a regional video highlighting some of your members, to show before or after.
  • Invite your members to bring their organization’s banners/signage to hang up to make the room look exciting
  • Create a list of local media contacts so you are ready to send out the Press Release that will be provided to you.

We’ll schedule a practice session in early Sept to work out the kinks.