Rally FAQ

The Leave No Child Inside Call To Action Rally–September 24, 2010

Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How

1.  Where will the LNCI rally be held? The main event (a press conference with the Governor/Mayors signing a Proclamation introducing the Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights) will be held in Columbus, Ohio at the Audubon nature center near downtown Columbus.  There will also be 5 related events going on simultaneously in different parts of Ohio where there are Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives or interest in LNCI.  These related rallies will be connected via video feed.  The related rallies will take place in

Cincinnati, in the Miami Valley near Dayton, in NW Ohio near Toledo, in NE Ohio in Stark County, and in SE Ohio at the Wilds.

2.  What is the purpose of the LNCI rally –why is it happening?

There are 4 outcomes we would like to achieve with this call to action rally (press conference):

I.  To successfully unveil the Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights and accompanying Proclamation;  To release the LNCI Report & Recommendations which gives details about the national and local LNCI movement and provides recommendations for connecting youth and families with nature;  And to lauch the LNCI awareness/educational campaign in order to raise awareness on this issue.

II.   To show that there is multi-sector support for the Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of rights and for the LNCI movement.  This will be achieved by getting particular leaders, multi-sector participation, Gov’t leaders to all 24th events around Ohio.  Also note: this will be an open event for all who might be interested in this issue.

III.  To successfully get the Ohiolnci brand/name/web site address “out there” to the public participating in and watching the 24th event; to get more involvement via web site, etc, ie: to Educate, Inspire and Empower folks.

IV.  To celebrate all that is going on around Ohio related to this issue

3.  Who is invited to attend the LNCI rally (rallies)?

a.  Governor Strickland, Mrs. Strickland, Director Logan from ODNR, and other state department leaders

b.  Leaders from a variety of organizations representing a variety of sectors including but not limited to education, health, urban planning and development, parks and recreation, nature camps, etc.

c.  The general public.

4.  When will the rally start and end?  The main event in Columbus will start for the public at 9:30 and will start for civic leaders and the media at 10:00.  The event will conclude at 10:30.  Regional leaders will decide when to start their LNCI rallies.  Note: some rallies may include outdoor events after the press conference that may or may not extend into the weekend.

5.  What is the Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights and Proclamation?  The Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights is a document that was drafted by the Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives for the purpose of increasing awareness about the Leave No Child Inside issue.  The accompanying Proclamation is a public document introducing the rights to the public.

6.  What is the LNCI Report?  This is a report that is being written by the LNCI leaders from around the state with contributions from state department leaders and others, all of whom are successfully integrating the LNCI issue into their departments/programs.  The purpose of the report is to help the public better understand the LNCI issue, to share information as to what is happening around the state on this issue AND to make recommendations for reconnecting children, students, and families with nature.

7.  What is the Environmental Literacy Plan?   The Environmental Education Council of Ohio formed a team to draft this plan in order to make Ohio eligible for funding from the No Child Left Inside national Act, pending national legislation to fund environmental education.