We will be following the same invitation process that we did for the April 9th event with two exceptions—the rally will hopefully include the Mayor(s) in your area and it will be open to the general public.  We will be targeting leaders  from a variety of sectors, both public and private, however, you should consider inviting anyone who is interested in the LNCI issue to your regional rally.

We will begin by inviting everyone on the original April 9th data base.  This includes leaders from a variety of organizations across Ohio representing a variety of sectors.  This list will also be expanded to include Mayor’s in our respective regions AND everyone and anyone in your area that has a passion/interest in the LNCI issue.  Please provide Alice with names and contact info. so she can grow the date base invite list.

Once a list of attendees is solidified (not that we can’t add to it) Alice will send you the

invitation.  Please send this invitation off to your invite list with a short personal email.  Alice will also create an event-brite page where people can begin registering for the rally in their area.

Everyone will be responsible for sending a letter to their Mayor(s) inviting them to sign the Ohio Children’s Bill of Rights Proclamation (see proclamation in this packet.  This is for you to amend).

Other ideas for getting folks to your rally:

  1. Make personal calls and word of mouth
  2. Announce it weekly in your e-newsletter
  3. Put announcements in local papers, etc.
  4. Do follow up calls or emails after you send your personal invites


  1. Solidify your invitation list complete with info.  (name, organization, title, email) and send to Alice to add to data base ASAP
  2. Contact the Mayor(s) in your area and send letter with proclamation template
  3. Follow up with Mayors
  4. Send LNCI Rally invitation with a personal note via email