1.  What is the Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives?   The Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaborative(S) is an umbrella network presently comprised of 5 regional Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives. Through public awareness efforts and collaboration across multiple disciplines, Ohio LNCI is working to get more children and families back outside and reconnected with nature.  Ohio LNCI is part of a national Leave No Child Inside movement that has been growing since 2006 to combat our nation’s indoor epidemic and nature deficit disorder.  Currently there are 72 Leave No Child Initiatives in 50 states.

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2.  When did Ohio Leave No Child Inside begin?  The first LNCI collaborative was started in Cincinnati in 2006. At the same time concerned citizens in Columbus were organizing around the children and nature issue as well.  The LNCI Central Ohio Collaborative was started in 2007.  The next year, in 2008, the N.W. Collaborative was born.  And in 2009 the N.W. and Miami Valley Collaboratives started.  The Ohio Collaboratives came together as a statewide Collaborative in April of 2009.  Today they are known as The Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives or Ohio Leave No Child Inside.

3.  What is the mission of Ohio LNCI?  The Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives work together to promote children’s outdoor play, learning and life-long connection with nature.

4.  What is the vision of Ohio LNCI?  The vision of the Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives is for every child and family in every Ohio community to experience the wonder of the natural world every day.

5.  What is the tag line for Ohio LNCI?  Children in Nature…Happier, Healthier, Smarter