The Leave No Child Inside Movement has brought to national attention the critical role that nature plays in healthy childhood development.

Reconnecting children with nature is not an environmental issue – it is a childhood development issue.

It touches organizations involved in health, education, community services, regional planning, parks, recreation and natural resources.

It addresses some of today’s most pressing problems related to children, including obesity, stress related mental health, low self-esteem, poor academic performance and unhealthy environments.

Nature-centered play experiences for children are those that instill wonder and engender curiosity; take place in outdoor settings ranging from backyards to neighborhoods to city parks to wilderness; and occur in the form of guided activities as well as unstructured nature play in children’s everyday lives.

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  1. Love the video!! Great job Alice!!

  2. How could Ohio LNCI top that? I’ll tell you! Jack Hanna will be at OPRA in Sandusky,
    Ohio early 2012!

  3. I am a Girl Scout leader in North East Ohio and have learned our local council will be closing 5 of our 7 camps. The plans are to auction off the land to the highest bidder, this will leave 1,334 acres at risk of being developed into homes.

    I would love to talk about partnering with this organization in hopes to help save some of the land. So that our kids have a place to play and be out doors! These camps are absolutely beautiful and should be kept intact and go to organizations such as yours that value being outside within nature enjoying what our world has to offer us!

  4. Appalacian Progressive Education(APE) Center would love to join this coalition! Can you please post information about the December meeting onto this page? It is my hope to bring Arts Education and Environmental Education into close relationship in the coming year!
    Chelsea Goettge
    Executive Director APE Center

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